iPad / Android reMarkable SuperNote BOOX Note Air Kindle Scribe
Daily 13 8 8 8 9
Weekly 5 3 2 3 3
Monthly 3 3 2 3 3
Goal 2 2 4
Productivity 11 3 4
Budget 2 2 2
Work & Business 2 7 4 5 3
Meal 4 2 2
Fitness 7 2 1 1 2
Wellness 4 2 2 3 2
Life 5 3 4
Student 3 1 2 2 2
Teacher 2 1 1 1 1

Browse the biggest selection of the professionally designed digital planners for Goodnotes, Notability, Xodo and Noteshelf for your iPad or Android tablet. Discover various planners for daily, monthly or weekly planning as well as goal & wellness planners, digital meal and productivity planners.

Regardless of what things you do in life, competently organizing your schedule and planning important tasks will help you succeed in any direction. Check out our selection of the best digital planners, compatible with popular handwriting apps like Goodnotes, Notability, Xodo or Noteshelf. 

Enjoy a quality system of hyperlinks, clickable tabs and buttons, specially designed for easy navigation, maximum comfort and efficient planning of your affairs. Stick to modern trends and simplify your lifestyle, use an advanced digital planning format, thanks to which the achievement of your goals will become real, and the success from the fulfilled needs will exceed all your expectations!

Daily Digital Planners

Become organized and considerate by taking personal control of all your affairs. Thanks to these planners, you will always be aware of your current tasks and will not get bogged down in your daily routine, keeping you in a great mood at work, at home and anywhere else.

Weekly Digital Planners

Create an individual schedule for the week ahead. Start keeping to-do lists, add upcoming event reminders to your calendar, easily track tasks and manage your time efficiently.

Monthly Digital Planners

Take a look at these quality and beautiful Monthly Planners available in light and dark themes. Download the solution you like to your Apple iPad or Android tablet, enjoy easy navigation and feel the powerful advantage of digital planning over manual notes on a piece of paper.

Goal Digital Planners

Having set goals for the future, you should start recording all your thoughts and ideas in the planner. It doesn't matter what kind of tasks you face, be sure that keeping track of the tasks that are important to you will certainly lead to success in any business.

Productivity Digital Planners

Increase your productivity by spending less time and resources on your day-to-day activities. From scheduling meals to calculating your finances, you can dramatically improve your lifestyle, be less tired, enjoy yourself more often and start feeling proud of what you've accomplished.

Budget Digital Planners

Budgeting is an important part of the business for users who want to succeed in business, save money for the desired item, or get out of debt. Keep track of receipts and expenses, conduct a yearly financial review, write down information on how you can save, how much you can use per week and so on.

Work & Business Digital Planners

Introducing our state-of-the-art selection of Work and Business Planner Templates, skillfully designed for iPad and Android devices. Unleash the power to optimize your business processes and transform your imaginative ideas into reality. With these meticulously crafted templates, you gain indispensable resources to efficiently manage your business, regardless of its size, and effortlessly accomplish your objectives.

Meal Digital Planners

Healthy nutrition is one of the key components of well-being and mood. Create your meal schedule, stick to a planned diet, write down recipes for your favorite dishes, keep track of the contents of the refrigerator, make a grocery list before going to the store and much more.

Fitness Digital Planners

Exercise makes our body healthier and strengthens our fortitude. Whether you go to the gym or work out at home, use the handy fitness and workout planners available for iOS and Android tablets.

Wellness Digital Planners

Better than yourself, no one will take care of your well-being. Looking to improve your well-being, lose weight or build muscle? It's time to set goals and take care of yourself, lead a healthy lifestyle and get rid of bad habits!

Digital Life Planners

If you want to really change your life for the better and become successful in any endeavor, there is nothing more suitable than this awesome planner. Write down everything that you consider important for yourself in a journal, develop an optimal schedule for work and leisure, mark various events in a dated calendar for 2024 - 2025, monitor the achievement of the necessary goals, etc.

Digital Student Planners

Simplify the education process and improve learning outcomes. Keep track of the timely completion of homework and write down the grades received, be aware of the coming days of the session, plan your affairs and goals for a month, calculate a weekly budget and so on.

Digital Teacher Planners

Have fun teaching your students, plan your work schedule wisely and take control of all teaching activities, from tracking class attendance to detailed semester overviews. Choose the best digital planner template, download it to your tablet and experience an innovative scheduling system while enjoying your notes with Apple Pencil or any other stylus.

Prioritize correctly and get busy planning important things. Anyone who has goals and can organize himself will certainly succeed, and a personal digital planner will become a faithful assistant in this matter.

Choose your favorite planners, download them in PDF to your device and upload them to Goodnotes or a similar note-taking app. Enjoy easy navigation thanks to a quality hyperlinked page structure with clickable tabs and interactive buttons. Start working in comfort, manage your time skillfully and get the job done efficiently.